Monday, March 14, 2011

Silkscreens Revisited

A few years ago I created a series of single edition hand-pulled silk-screen prints which were collages of different images.  Some were created using the silk-screen process only and some included drawings and photographs.  Encaustic applied to many prints added additional layers of complexity.  The majority of these prints will not be for sale.  Instead, I have created a new series of digital art based on these original, single edition silk-screen prints.  They have the wonderful look and texture of silk-screens and encaustic.  Two of these are on display here: "Memories of Dad" (below) and "Primitive Passion" (above).

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Anonymous said...

Hi Linda! I really like your work. It is so sensitive and so set in past memories that you wish to express vividly, like the contentment of seeing your cat happily sleeping or remembering your father in various ways. I hope to see more of your work, including the work that you don't publish. Your friend, Bob Cochran