Saturday, April 2, 2011

New Dawn, New Day!

This 24" x 30" piece is hanging at the Arlington Arts Gallery in Arlington, VA, during the month of April.  It's an acrylic painting on Plexiglas.  I wanted it to have an open, airy feel - like looking out a window.   So, I "framed" it by attaching another piece of clear Plexiglas, the same size as this, in such a way that the clear piece floats about an inch above the surface of the painting.   The photo used for this painting was provided courtesy of Marleen Denney.


Anonymous said...

Is plexiglas the same material we call acrylic? How do you get the paint to adhere to the plexiglas, do you sand the plexiglas surface to rough it up before painting begins? Then you need to try out all the mounting hardware and possibly install some of it before you start painting. Painting seems much like writing a book in one sense: you must know what the final chapter is going to say with the book, and you must know how you will display the painting and get a sense of how far away the viewer must stand before you begin it. I guess I can also infer that you have pretty good carpentry skills and a pretty good workshop to do all these things.

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda, you may find this link useful.
--Bob Cochran